1. Shanna     Feb 10, 2020
    "We live in fear that we’ll get hurt (...) and so we constantly arrange conditions outside ourself to suit what we think we’ll make us safe." very true, thanks for the reminder...I'm very good at keeping myself"safe" and by extension isolated and in pain. Also it's nice to be able to leave a comment 😊
  2. Louie     Feb 11, 2020
    Yay this da@? thing works! And it even accepts happy faces, I didn't know that. 🎻🎶 It was shocking for me to see how my actions in trying to keep myself safe is really not conducive to whatever spiritual condition that the universe is trying to get me to attain.
  3. Louie     Feb 26, 2020
    My email is LouieVBL4T at gmail dot com :)
  4. Rachelle     Mar 4, 2020

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